Honour Board

Bonny Hills Lake Cathie Cricket Club Honour Board 2016/17to present
YearPresidentVice PresTreasurerSecretary
 2016/17Alan PrettyAlex AmosPaul MurfittScott Castle

On the  27 Feb 2014 the clubs name was changed to incorporate the district of Lake Cathie in the clubs region.
Bonny Hills Cricket Club Honour Board 2002/3 to 2013/14
YearPresidentVice PresTreasurerSecretary
 2015/116Alan PrettyMichael Kearns
Alan Pretty
 2014/15Alan PrettyScott MouldsScott Moulds
 2013/14Alan PrettyJack FarrarDon GottkeScott Moulds
 2012/13Alan PrettyJack FarrarDon GottkeIan Hamilton
2011/12Alan PrettyJack FarrarIan hamiltonIan Hamilton
2010/11 Ian Hamilton Jack Farrar  
 2009/10 Ian Hamilton Jack Farrar